Avete bisogno di un oratore Inglese ? Firenze, Florence, Pisa, Livorno, Tuscany, Toscana

Do you need a good English speaker in Tuscany (Firenze/Florence, Pisa, Livorno) ?

Do you have customers and tourists that cannot speak to you in Italiano ? If they can
speak English I can talk to them as I am English mother tongue. I can sell your products
and services to them.

I can also help you to write in English language (for example: writing about your business in English on your website, publicity brochures, advertising, flyers, etc). Also on social network websites Facebook and Twitter.

Telephone me now: 0039 3274233161.



About Tuscany Services

We offer friendly, personal property management and home services to busy people in Tuscany, Italy. A wide range of help available, from cleaning your home (apartment, house or villa) to looking after your property for you. Also childcare service - taking care of children of all ages. Over 14 years experience of property management for a private estate and housekeeper services for luxury homes in the United Kingdom and Italy.
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