Visiting Italy on vacation/holiday or for business this summer ? Be aware of the tropical tiger mosquito.

With the mass transportation of goods and people throughout the world every day now, new problems and potential health risks occur.

If you are visiting Italy this summer on holiday or for business reasons then you need to be aware of the tropical tiger mosquito. This was believed to have been introduced in the country in the summer of 2007.  

Suddenly many people in a small Italian town were affected by an unknown illness and suffered high fever and stiff, aching joints. This was eventually discovered to be a tropical disease called chikungunya (a relative of the sometimes fatal dengue fever).

This virus is spread by the tiger mosquito, which is now established in Italy,  though it is usually found in Asian countries. 

Please seek proper medical advice about the prevention of mosquito bites, malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, etc in your home country before travelling to Italy, or other countries. Medicines and anti-malarial products are available and should be used.

Also, if you are taking a vacation abroad or visiting another country then you should have travel insurance with health cover. 

If you are already in Italy and reading this, then ask advice about medicines and products available at pharmacies. If you are suffering from a bad mosquito bite, with inflamed, itchy skin then buy an Idrocortisone crema. An example product is Foille Insetti, manufactured by Sanofi Aventis. A small tube (100g) may cost over Euros 7  but it will be worth it.

Read the story from The New York Times about how the tiger mosquito made many people ill in a short space of time.  Link here:


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