See some of the famous buildings, places, mountains, culture in beautiful Tuscany, Italy

This video, made by, shows you that Tuscany is still a region of Italy that offers much still to be discovered if you go off the popular tourist routes. Undiscovered Tuscany awaits you !

See some of the famous buildings, places, mountains, the culture and traditions in this video tour and also the other selected videos on the page.

From tiny townhouses in small streets in villages, towns and cities to farmhouses and superb, luxury villas surrounded by valleys and mountains. Many of these properties were built hundreds of years ago and still have their original features.

Tuscany offers tourists and visitors so much more than the fantastic churches, museums and art found in the famous places like Florence, Pisa and Siena.

The western coastline has miles of beautiful, sandy beaches with resorts and marinas. Millions of Italians enjoy their holidays and weekend breaks at these beaches every year and a lot rich people, including foreigners, own second homes along the coast.

Although some of the beaches are private there are many that can be visited. Note that the majority of Italians take their summer holiday in August. Millions go the coast so this is  when the beaches and accommodation, including in Tuscany, will be very busy. Also, the 15th is Ferragosto, a national holiday and a day of family celebration, usually at the beach.

Watch the video of Undiscovered Tuscany here:


About Tuscany Services

We offer friendly, personal property management and home services to busy people in Tuscany, Italy. A wide range of help available, from cleaning your home (apartment, house or villa) to looking after your property for you. Also childcare service - taking care of children of all ages. Over 14 years experience of property management for a private estate and housekeeper services for luxury homes in the United Kingdom and Italy.
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