See The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Church of Santa Croce in Florence in Tuscany, Italy in this set of photos

The magnificent Church of Santa Croce in Florence

If you are a young student learning digital media and photography there are many places to consider visiting to take photos of famous places, buildings and monuments. But maybe Italy is high up in the list to go to.

Anabel Leva is digital media student and freelance photographer/graphic designer in Canada. She is visiting Italy and taking good photos during her time traveling around the country.

Her photo account is called Eurotrip and her third day was in Livorno, Pisa and Florence in Tuscany. Although she was short of time she managed to take these photos. Eurotrip day 3 (and the other days) are here:


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4 Responses to See The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Church of Santa Croce in Florence in Tuscany, Italy in this set of photos

  1. laurahartson says:

    oh id love to live in tuscany 🙂

    • Hi. Yes, Tuscany is a beautiful area of Italy and so much history and culture.

      Since Friday, 19th there has been a heatwave in Italy. Today, Monday, 22nd I heard news of a highest recorded temperature
      of 44 degrees Celsius in Siena, Tuscany ! (Waiting for confirmation of a record.)

      I saw your travel blog – very good.

      If you travel To South East Asia try to visit The Philippines. Much to see and do with over 7,000 islands !
      For example, in the north west the amazing Baguio rice terraces will give you memories to last a lifetime…
      In the north east the mountain ranges and rain forests beyond Isabela and Caguyan Valley are also a great sight.
      And beautiful sandy beaches scattered around Luzon and the islands.

      The people are very friendly and English is spoken by many in the towns and cities, particularly by the younger generation.

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